Solve the problems on Mold
Repair Molds as below:

– High precision mold.
 for LSR/Thermo Plastic

– Hot runner(TP)
 /Cold Runner(LSR)

– 2K Mold

– Imported mold from EU/JPN

Mold Building &
Injection Molding

 – High Precision mold
  for Thermo Plastic/LSR

 – 2K Injection Mold

 – Injection Vacuum Mold 

 – Water Assisted Injection Mold

Mass Production

Customer easy to select Production site

 –  KOREA Factory

– Suzhou(CN) Factory 

Proto/Pilot Service

3D Design & Modeling

 – Realizing Customer’s Idea

3D Printing Service 

 –  SLA / FDM / Metal


Building the molds for tomorrow

Keep a Basic and Nerve ourselves to adopt New!

MIN SUNG is enjoying any Challenge!

And Make Success!

Mold Builder

We’ve been think about one more step for next Level! These result become our Great inheritance!
We don’t stop to step forward for Next Generations!

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