High precision Molds

MS is optimized High Precision Mold.

All MS members are always seeking a way to get the high precise tooling performance. These are going to be based to get a high quality mold and parts for Customer.

More 70% proceed in house

Almost every Process of mold parts work in House. d
It makes good qualities and can be make good Price for Customer.

MS are specialized HSC. The special options of MS’s HSC machine is able to control tooling under 3micron.
MS had undergone lots of trial and error for getting this performance, Finally Success!

Material? what ever!

Thermo PLASTIC / LSR even that WOOD

We have the knowledges ofHot runner Systems for Thermo Plastic andCold Runner System for LSR  

MORE 2Color, More 2 kind of Materials


We developed special 2K hot runner system that No mixture each material for Core Injection.

Developed Multi Injection Unit ourselves.

fluid tech


From German Technology!
The first company, adopt WIT and make Business in KOREA is MIN SUNG.

MIN SUNG was showing WIT system and Performance at FIRST in KOREA. ( KOPLAS 2009 )

2 Plastic WIT Pipe for HMC Engine has been mass producing that setup A to Z by MIN SUNG and PME-fluidtec.

MS is joined with PME-fluidtec who World No.1 & only Company  for Future and Leading the WIT business.